Panthirukulam means twelve ‘Kulams’ or castes in Malayalam.

Poojaneeya Swamiji

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Special Offerings

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Parayipetta Panthirukulam

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Swami sivananda Sharma

Poojaneeya Swamiji was born in Karmuakkal, Kayamkulam in Alleppey district.

Sringeri Shaarada peedom, [One of the four Advaitha Vedantha Monastery established by Adi Shankara around 800 AD in Sringeri, Karnataka], invited Swamiji to have his Sanskrit literature and Advaita studies. It is for the first time that this Advaita Monastery, had enrolled a ‘Dalit’ to have his Vedic studies there. This itself exemplifies the glory of the enlightenment that Swamiji has received.

Thamboola Samarpanam

A sacred offering to the twelve divine Gurus of Panthirukula. It is being done according to the enlightenment handed over to Poojaneeya Swamiji Shivananda Sharma.

betal leaves

betal leaves (vettila in Malayalam)

areca nut

areca nut (adakka in malayalam)

slacked lime
red silk cloth


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