Sanathana Dharma Gurukula Kshethram

According to the enlightenment secured, Poojaneeya Swamiji has decided to visit the twelve families, who are the descendants of ‘Parayipetta Panthirukulam’. Surprisingly, the current generations of those 12 legendary families lives in the northern regions of Kerala, at Palakkad and Cochin, to be more precise.

Panthirukulam means twelve ‘Kulams’ or castes in Malayalam. ’Parayipetrta Panthirukulam’ means the twelve clans born to a Parayi, a low caste woman. Their father, Vararuchi (375 AD-415 AD), was a great scholar and was one of the nine gems (navaratnas) of the court of the legendary emperor Vikramaditya of ancient India, He married ‘Panchami’, a low caste woman (Parayi), misunderstanding her as a brahmin girl. Upon realizing what had happened the couple set out a long pilgrimage, as he got ostracized and did not want to stay back at home. During their journey, Panchami gave birth to 12 children, who all had to be abandoned as per the order from Vararuchi. The 12th child who was born without mouth was placed and worshiped by Vararuchi on a hillock, which soon became an idol, called ‘Vayillakunnilappan’. The other eleven children abandoned by them were adopted and looked after by people of different castes. They grew up to eminent personalities with spiritual powers and they united and presented the significance of social harmony irrespective of caste, color or creed. They all questioned the blind believes and untouchability which was not uncommon during those days. In fact, it was the goal of their life, to make people aware of the social evils practiced to save future generations. Still, the descendants of these esteemed legendaries live in the districts of Palakkad, Cochin, and Malappuram. Various researches and DNA tracings which have been conducted by various scholars in this matter has proven them as the descendants of Vararuchi.

Poojaneeya Swamiji visited these families and with their consent and co-operation, holy lampfires handed over from them were transferred through great processions to Ochira Parabrahma Temple. There, these twelve lampfires were amalgamated into one under special poojas and religious rituals under the guidance of Acharya Narendra Bhooshan, the spiritual guide(Guru) of Swamiji. The lamp fires have been fused as per ‘Yuga Vyavastha’, to transform it to ‘Panthirukula Mahajyothi’ and is then transferred auspiciously to Karimulakkal and established as the shrine of ‘Sanathana Dharma Gurukula Kshethra’. The ‘Mahajyothi’ is burning every time, as ‘Kedavilakku’ (ever-burning light). Special poojas named ‘Yama poojas’ are conducted every day [6:00 am, 9:00 am, 12:00 noon, 6:00 pm, 9:00 pm and 12:00 midnight ] which would be much more auspicious on the 1st Sunday of every Malayalam month which is the special day to worship ‘Mahajyothi’, the twelve Gurus. The spiritual energy and blessings offered by those 12 ‘Mahagurus’ could be felt from the temple. The Mahajyothi is kept sacred and is being worshiped by people all over Kerala.

  1. The twelve legendary Gurus are,
  2. Mezhathol Agnihotri (a Brahman who had performed Yajñam or Yagam ninety-nine times)
  3. Pakkanar (a Paraiya, bamboo basket maker by profession)
  4. Perumtaccan (a master carpenter and an expert in Vasthu)
  5. Rajakan (a sage and a learned man raised by a washerman)
  6. Vallon (a Paraiya, sometimes identified with the Tamil saint Thiruvalluvar who composed Thirukkural)
  7. Vaduthala Nair (a Nair, an expert in martial arts)
  8. Uppukootan (a Muslim, a trader in salt and cotton)
  9. Akavūr Cattan (a Vysya, a manager of Akavur Mana)
  10. Karakkal Amma (Kṣatriya woman, the only girl of the twelve children)
  11. Pananar (a Panan, a singer in Thiruvarangu)
  12. Naranat Bhrantan (a Brahman, the madman of Naraṇatt)
  13. Vayillakunnilappan(Hill Lord without mouth) the 12th child was born without a mouth. Vararuchi consecrated this child on a hill in Palakkad district of Kerala, which is now known as “Vaayillaakkunnilappan temple” .