Sanathana Dharma Gurukula Kshethram, a sacred religious center, which becomes famous day by day across Kerala was established by poojaneeya swamiji Shivananda Sharma, in the year 2010, on February 4th [Malayalam month of ‘Makaram’ in ‘chothi’]. This holy temple was established according to the envision of Poojaneeya Swamiji in an aim to eradicate the cultural and social evils prevalent in the society, especially caste discrimination. To make this apparently impossible mission possible, Poojaneeya Swamiji has found this religious temple, to spread his great messages to the people of Kerala. He received enlightenment to extol the glory of ‘Parayi Petta Panthirukulam’[ the twelve castes born to a ‘Parayi’, a low caste woman], which could be the incredible way to lighten up the minds of people with the legendary Sanathana Dharma of India.