Sanathana Dharma Gurukula Kshethra has a special offering named ‘Thamboola Samarpanam’ a sacred offering to the twelve divine Gurus of Panthirukula. It is being done according to the enlightenment handed over to Poojaneeya Swamiji Shivananda Sharma.

Objects such as betal leaves (vettila in Malayalam), betelnut/ areca nut (adakka in malayalam), slacked lime (arcanut), and a piece of red silk cloth and a coin or money, is kept with prayers in ‘thoosanila’ (the tip end of banana leaf,the round end) are provided to those who wish to do the offering. People, then, have to encircle the temple by chanting the mantra ‘Ohm Mahajyothiye Nama’. Afterward, they have to turn around themselves 3 times which is a form of encircling and respecting their own souls, called ‘Athma pradakshinam’. Then, with prayers in mind, this thamboolam is dedicated to the Gurus, to Mahajyothi.

Another auspicious offering is donating oil to the ‘Panthirukula Mahajyothi’. As it lightens up throughout the day and night, contributing oil or corresponding amount of money to buy oil to the Gurus brings about prosperity and success in a person’s life. The temple has special poojas on the first Sunday of every Malayalam month, where a flow of people from various places of Kerala could be seen. The one who visits the temple on that day could experience the positive spiritual ambiance hovering the place, because of the prayers and bhajans going on. Furthermore, by around 12 pm, the devotees could be blessed by the sermon delivered by poojaneeya Swamiji. Afterward, the spiritual seekers, devotees, and visitors are provided with ‘Annadaanam’, the sacred offering of food, according to the instruction of poojaneeya swamiji, twice on that special day.